Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto

Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto

Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto - Consorzio Pro Loco Prealpi

Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto History

On 1 June 1940 at the premises of the town hall was held the first General Members Assembly convened to submit of approval the Statute of a new born Association called “Pro Vittorio Veneto”.

The Association has the purpose and the aim to improve and increase the various city activities developing the following statutory goals:

  1. Embellishment of the landscape and publics gardens.
  2. Improvement of public utility services and accommodations facilities
  3. Festivities, fair and excursions organization.
  4. Organization of cultural, artistic and theatrical events.
  5. The management of “School of Music Lorenzo Da Ponte” and care of the cultural heritage of the city Band.
  6. Maintenance and management of the “Teatro Verdi”.
  7. Opening a Tourist Office in piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in the “Assicurazioni Generali” building.

From the year 2000 the Pro Vittorio Veneto enters the circuit of ”Primavera del Prosecco“ setting up an exhibition with tasting of the wines of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene areas and moreover extending the exhibit to grappa and red wines.

In December 2004 Aldo Buosi became President with a new Directive Council and in April 2005 the Association definitively move to the Viale Trento e Trieste offices. Also changes the policy of Association that comes, with greater commitment, in the organization of promotional activities and events of the territory.

In 2008 the Association change name and statute becoming “Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto”. Aldo Buosi is confirmed as President with a new Directive Council.

In 2009 in the context of the “Primavera del Prosecco” , the Pro Loco organizes “Vini In Loggia” an event that will get a great success: at the exhibit and wine tastings are a worthy frame musical evenings with various musical bands and a food stand with local dishes. The event is setting in the “Loggia dei Grani” in piazza Minucci, in the prestigious historical centre of Serravalle.

In 2011 Aldo Buosi is confirmed as President. The promotional activity for the territory is enforced with the organization of: “Città e il Fiore”, again “Vini in Loggia”, “Palio delle Botti” and the “Cronoscalata of Santa Augusta”. The Association, in addition, supports the organization of the city Carnival party and others activities as well as the manage the Tourist Office and the railway ticket office.

In 2014, after three mandates, Aldo Buosi leaves the Presidency to Flavio Uliana.

Directive Council of Pro Loco Vittorio Veneto

  • President: Uliana Flavio
  • Vice President: Pianca Federico
  • Secretary: Biz Stefania
  • Treasurer: Parussolo Ludovico
  • Councillors: Antonucci Massimo, Arnosti Miranda, Buosi Aldo, Fabbro Massimo, Peloso Martina, Rancan Adriana
  • Municipal Councillors: Fiorin Fiorenza, Santantonio Paolo
  • Account Auditors: Elvassore Giorgia, Ghirardo Riccardo, Pullini Angelo
  • Probiviris: Signor Annalisa, Costalonga Paola, Chies Stefania