Pro Loco Sarmede

Pro Loco Sarmede

Pro Loco Sarmede - Consorzio Pro Loco Prealpi

Pro Loco Sarmede is born the 11th August 1982, as a volunteers network with the following purposes: :

  1. Gather in association everyone who have the interest to the touristic and cultural development of the district of pertinence.
  2. To carry out an effective work to organize the local tourism, proposing to the competent Administrations the aesthetical improvement of the area and promoting the initiatives aimed to protect, enhance and get to know the natural, artistic and cultural values of the place and the area.
  3. To promote and coordinate initiatives (conferences, excursions, public shows, festivities, cultural, sporting and recreational events, fairs, exhibitions, etc.) that serve to attract and make more pleasant the stay of tourists.
  4. To support the achievement of tourism objectives through popular participation.
  5. To support tourism and local culture as well as safeguard the historical, artistic, cultural, folkloristic and environmental site heritage.
  6. To develop hospitality and environmental tourist education.
  7. To encourage the infrastructures improvement and the hotel and non-hotel accommodation capacity.
  8. Worry about the regular conduct of local services interesting tourism, carrying out all those actions aimed at guaranteeing the widest functionality.
  9. Assist the competent bodies in supervising the management of public and private services dedicated to tourism, checking above all the aspect of the tariffs, proposing the appropriate modifications.
  10. Establish the information and assistance office, with the execution, within the office itself, of any public services so to make more pleasant the stay in the area.
  11. Fulfill the tasks assigned by the Veneto Region.

The Association makes of Sarmede the Italian capital of street art with “Le fiere del teatro”, the Associations has brought theatrical festivals for schools as part of “Sarmede il paese delle fiabe” and many others events thought for families and children, as well as taking care of the Col Oliver area positioned at the foot of Cansiglio area and built an auditorium-theatre in Sarmede.

The Directive Council of Pro Loco Sarmede

  • President: Coan Stefano
  • Vice President and Artistic Director: Danny Masutti
  • Vice President: Zanette Carla
  • Secretary: Mara Tavian
  • Organization support and secretary: Cillo Serena
  • Councillors: Canal Dolores, Coan Sefano, Dal Cin Mario, De Luca Giuliano, De Luca Loredana, De Vecchi Isella, Masutti Danny, Masutti Gian Antonio, Pizzol Flavia, Pizzol Martino, Tavian Mara, Zanette Carla
  • Accounting Auditors: De Luca Giovanni, Da Ros Marcellino, De Luca Emanuela
  • Probiviris: Pizzol Daniele, Dal Cin Omar, Dal Cin Claudio