Pro Loco Cappella Maggiore

Pro Loco Cappella Maggiore

Pro Loco Cappella Maggiore - Consorzio Pro Loco Prealpi

The Pro Loco is a network of volunteers precious and extraordinary with a unique goal: the will to promote the community of Cappella Maggiore, giving visibility with the various events and preserving its traditions.

In march 2014 the Directive Council with its 20 members has been renewed with, for the first time a woman as President at the helm, Annamaria Bolzan, already active and tireless member the previous years. The new Council is composed of a good numbers of young people. This will give way to the association, not only to confirm the programs already established, but also to pay special attention to young people themselves, through initiatives dedicated to them.

Also remain the historic members and consolidated group always in the first line for the implementation of several projects.

The Directive Council of Pro Loco Cappella Maggiore:

Il nuovo Consiglio è composto da: Barazza Silvano, Bottan Massimo, Da Prà Luigi, Dal Fabbro Lino, Dal Fabbro Roberto, Dal Fabbro Simone, De Nardi Piero, Del Puppo Maria, Della Colletta Dario, Favretti Marcello, Gava Chiara, Gava Daniele, Gava Debora, Gava Elena, Gava Vittorino, Pin Francesca, Pin Giampaolo, Sandrin Melania e Sonego Luana.